Top 10 things to do in Japan!

Japan Japan Japan I couldn’t get enough of it….this place is like so addicting and it was way more than I ever expected it to be. So my desire to go to Japan all started from hearing my friends come back from their trips to Japan raving about it….. I started doing research and I started seeing so many cool things going on in Japan their lifestyle, their clothing the food, ( side note oh and by the way thanks to Google I guess whenever I was Googling things to do in Japan I started getting a overload of Japan articles on my Facebook page that would just be popping up every day and I think that it is just my smartphone telling me that oh you’re interested in Japan here are some things you might be interested in it was a lot of food post and articles in just about their technology so I guess it was beat into my brain, and finally I said you know what I want to go visit and even if I have to go solo for lolo I will go and that is just what I did I booked the flight and I booked it for 14 days and when I say that it was the best trip I’ve had so solo!!!! I actually cried on the way back because I was so happy that I couldn’t have imagined my trip going any better than it did there’s so many things to do in Japan I don’t even know where to start but here are my top 10!!!!!

1. Visit Tokyo you won’t regret it … I would advise that you make this your first and last stop and make sure that you book your trip for at least two weeks so that you can travel within Japan l. Tokyo definitely needs to be the starting point,  you can catch a speed train to different cities throughout Japan to make your experience more well rounded,  honestly I would have loved to stay even longer than 2 weeks I would have loved to stay a month because I only got a chance to experience one of the city other than Tokyo (Kyoto) so it’s my advice to at least through two weeks but if you can do more that would be great)

– on my next post I will talk about what my top 10 things to do inside Tokyo were!

2. Visit Kyoto- Get a Jr pass online before you travel to Japan this is only available for foreigners who are visiting Japan and I believe it’s only valid for 7 days after you activated but it will allow you to travel between the cities for I think 200 or $260 Unlimited. It’s totally worth it if you plan on visiting one city-state couple days visiting other cities their day or two so you can at least see it three different cities other than Tokyo! The most of these cities are not far apart so it won’t take you long to get there on a speed train!

– I’ll also be following up this post with my top 10 things to do in Kyoto!

3. Try Street Food Japan is just known for diversity of food and lots of Street vendors and markets outdoor Market where you can sample different types of food fresh seafood soup noodles ramen you name it they have it and so you can’t go to Japan without trying the street food and visiting the markets!!!!

4. Visit a traditional Japanese Onsen these are Japanese bath houses and they are once-in-a-lifetime experience I highly recommend you try one and I will give my current recommendations for the ones that I visited while I was there in Tokyo and Kyoto.

5. Purchase a traditional Japanese kimono and wear it while you’re there is either a troll or you can wear it out in the street if you are female you can wear that you can rent a geisha outfit and walk around and this is very popular thing to do especially in Kyoto amongst the shrines it’s great for photo ops and souvenirs and great memories that will make!

6. Parks and Shrines Japan has the most beautiful parks and Japanese gardens these are a must see if you have the time!!!!! Breathtaking!!!! Japan shrines are a key part of the Japanese culture so cant go without visiting the most famous shrines these are all one-of-a-kind and you won’t see anything like them anywhere else great for walking leisurely and sightseeing and taking pictures!!!!

7. Take a city tour in every city you visit.  Since you won’t be there long you will get to see more than you would on your own.

8.Watch a sumo match – I’d recommend you plan your trip around when they have sumo matches because they only have them a few times a year and these are events you don’t want to miss when your visiting Japan.

9. Participate in Japanese Tea Ceremony and feel like you’ve traveled back in time!!!

10. Learn Japanese Calligraphy and take a sushi cooking class.




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