Passport to Paris❤

If you are like me who always dreamed of going to Paris and partaking of its beauty and lifestyle then this post is for you!!!!

In Paris for a few days or a few weeks doesn’t matter you will have plenty to do and see!!!!! So let’s go!!!!

The first time I visited Paris was on whim while I was staying in Barcelona everyone kept telling me that I should go to Paris for a weekend since it was not far and I could get there by taking a short cheap flight.  I highly recommend using EasyJet airlines

They are cheap and efficient kinda like Spirit but better quality, you have to pay for extras so I recommend taking snacks and one small carry-on if you want to avoid additional fees. Also you can book a round trip ticket days before and still get a cheap ticket. In my opinion this is the way to go!!!!!

While in Paris I stayed at a really cute Hostel called Artsy Paris …

Situated in the Brancion, a pretty area of Paris which has preserved the charm and the colour of traditional Paris, our low-cost hostel is located within reach of all the authentically Parisian activities: walking to the old book market, visiting the fish market or discovering George Brassens park where the famous French singer searched for and found his inspiration!

It was a cheap, nice and clean hostel and about 10 min walk to the closest metro (very important) I paid about 20 Euros a night in a 4 bed female room with a bathroom inside the room.  Nothing fancy but good for solo travel accommodation option. I’d  def stay there again!!!!!

Paris was definitely a dream!!!! 100% my favorite city!!!! Very beautiful and almost everyone spoke at least alittle English. I think because I was alone people were very helpful and nice.  I took the Fat Tire bike tour which was the best decision I made while I was there!!! I got to see so much of the “important” stuff and I felt like a real Parisian riding around on a bike!!! It costs about $80   but well worthy of every dollar. Check them out you won’t regret it!!!!! Best way to see the city!!!!💪❤🙌

I’ll follow this post with recommendations of things to do and a few of my fav places to eat!!!!!

Au revoir!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚



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