Things to do in Barcelona!!!!

Ok these are my top recommendations of MUST do things in Barcelona:

1. Hit the Beach- If you are a morning person I highly recommend hitting Barceloneta beach for an AM run along the beach and following it up by having cup of coffee and a croissant at one of many cafes along the beach!!!! You won’t regret it!!!! There you can relax by the beach, taking in the views of the ocean and the mountains while you sip coffee, people watch, and plan the rest of your day. If your not into that AM life, the beaches are great anytime but Barceloneta does get crowded but there are plenty of other beaches close by that are less “touristy” therefore less crowded.
Check out a list of the best beaches in Barcelon here:

2. La Rambla – this huge avenue is full of energy and excitement, full of street performers, great for siteseeing, people watching, shopping, and dining!!!! Highly recommend checking this Avenue out!!!!

3. Gothic Quarter- really cool place to hang out, beautiful old buildings and architecture, restaurants and museums.

4. Check out famous artist Gaudi’s most famous works of architecture art:
*Sagrada Familia – Guadi church landmark
*Casa Milá
*Casa Batido
*Park Guell
5. Park de la Cuitadella
6. Museum National d’ Art de Catalán
7. Magic Fountain- at night lights up set to music.

8. Tibidabo – amusement park and church on top of the highest mountain in Barcelona. *** must see!!!!!
9. La Boqueria market – lots of fresh fruit, veggies and moreeeeee.
10. Check out a Flamingo Show it will be well worth your money and you will feel like yougot a real Spain experience ☆☆☆
11. Don’t forget to drink lots of Sangrías♡ (they are delicious) and red wine♡, try patatas bravas♡,seafood paella♡and tapas.

Café on Barceloneta Beach
La Boqueria Market on La Rambla
Arc de Triomf in Barcelona next to Park de la Cuitadella



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