My passion for traveling solo started in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to take a leap of faith and travel without friends or family to a country I had only seen in pictures and heard about on TV. I just saw it as an adventure and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!!! So here is how I did it. I registered for a study abroad program in Spain called Don Quijote – here is the website- The set you up with course levels and accommodations for how ever many days or weeks you chose to take their classes. You can choose from a “hotel” like accommodation which is more expensive to the cheapest option which is a shared apartment with other students. I chose the cheaper option so that I could make friends and have a better experience. You get your own private room so that was all I really cared about. The program included tours of the city (mostly free) and social activities. It was perfect and I never felt alone even though I traveled there by myself I made friends in my class and with my roommates and we hung out together! We had class everyday for 4 hours in the morning then we had the rest of the day to do what we wanted. Barcelona was amazing!!! I had the time of my life. Its a very walkable city, so many things to see, great artwork everywhere, lovely beaches, beautiful parks, cheap food, breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean, gorgeous tree lined streets and avenues, very clean (and green), the subway system was easy to navigate and never very crowded!!!! I felt really safe- I could walk around at night without feeling unsafe at all!!! Most people spoke English especially at restaurants. Spanish people are very friendly and open to Americans which is KEY for me!!! It can totally make or break your experience!!!! I would highly recommend Barcelona for solo travel!!!! I’ll follow this post with recommendations of things to do while your in Barcelona and any other travel advice!!!


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