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Best way to travel if you don’t want to be alone when you get to your destination! VOLUNTEER ABROAD!!!! It is as spiritually satisfying as it is satisfying your need to visit an new place and experience a new culture. There is nothing better than helping others and at the same time learning about yourself. Because when you travel solo, you learn soooooooo much about yourself probably just as much if not more than you do about the place your traveling to! I decided to go on my first volunteer trip a few years ago because I wanted to make a difference and help people while also enjoying seeing a new country. I volunteered in Bali and Tanzania for 2 months……BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! you will be so enriched when you come back and you will def not be the same person you were. The following year I volunteered in Rio de Janerio Brazil


My Paris favs!

Things to do:

When your solo traveling I always recommend booking a few tours at the beginning of your trip and staying in a Hostel!!!! Why???? Giving yourself an opportunity to meet new ppl and make new friends!!!!! So here we go…

1. FAT TIRE bike tour-love love love this tour!!! I’ve taken it 3 times in Paris!!!! It’s great and I highly recommend it if the weather is nice!!! This tour was started by an American guy so ❤🖒🖒🖒!!! English speaking your guides that give great facts and information on the tour!!!! ⛦⛦⛦⛦

2. Picnic in the gardens of the Effiel Tower, Jardin du Luxembourg (6th arrondissement), and The Tuileries Gardens (1st arrondissement) – live like a true Parisian for an afternoon!!!! I recommend saving money by stopping by a grocery store or a outdoor market and packing a nice red wine, fruit, cheese, and a baguette🍊🍷🧀🍞grab a blanket and hang out in garden in front of Effiel Tower, you will love it!!! Great 4 ppl watching, soaking up the sun, and of course the breathtaking views of the Effiel Tower🗼 GREAT FOR PEOPLE WATCHING!!!!!!!

3. French baking class – learn to make macaroons, soufflés and more!!!! Make new friends while having fun!!! Also, LEARN a new skill to take back home and impress your friends and family and also have goodies to snack on during your trip!!! 😍❤🍮

 4. Take a day trip to the The Palace of Versailles, Château de Versailles, or simply Versailles, a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. You can hop on a local train and be in Versailles in no time. I recommend booking a tour before hand, such as a bike tour and guided tour of the inside of Versailles Chateau. If you want to save money you can always fly solo and maybe do some research before you go so that you will know abit about the history of the chateau before you go because all of the signs explaining what things are inside the chateau are in French. MUST SEE!!!!!! Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the garden!!

5. Latin Quarter roaming!!! This area is filled with night clubs, bars and restaurants!!! Great place to hang out during the day or at night! Once again I cant emphasize enough how much I recommend walking tours or tours in general when you are solo traveling, you not only get valuable information about what your looking at and seeing around the city, but you get an idea of places you might want to visit again after the tour, but most importantly you get to meet people and it makes your experience so much better and you will feel less like your traveling alone!!!!

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Its important to meet people if your traveling alone for many reasons and one is emergencies. You never know if you will need help on your trip at some point so meeting someone and getting their contact info could be a life safer if an emergency comes up. Once I was in a situation in Rome where, I guy I had just met through a friend was dropping me off at the train station to catch a bus to my apt and he took off with my backpack still in his trunk. I hadn’t exchanged #’s with him all my IMPORTANT stuff was in my backpack , I didn’t have my cell phone or keys to get into my apt and it was 2 am in the morning. In that situation the only reason I didn’t have to sleep outside was because I had the contact of the guys friend because we friended each other on Facebook!!!! BTW- love it or hate it, when traveling solo its important to have Facebook. It saved the day for me on several occasions where I didn’t have a persons # or a phone that worked. You can always go to an internet café and log into Facebook to contact a person. I have so many stories guys so many!!!! Trust me it can be a life safer at times when traveling alone.

Passport to Paris❤

If you are like me who always dreamed of going to Paris and partaking of its beauty and lifestyle then this post is for you!!!!

In Paris for a few days or a few weeks doesn’t matter you will have plenty to do and see!!!!! So let’s go!!!!

The first time I visited Paris was on whim while I was staying in Barcelona everyone kept telling me that I should go to Paris for a weekend since it was not far and I could get there by taking a short cheap flight.  I highly recommend using EasyJet airlineshttps://m.easyjet.com/m2p-ej/s/?lang=en_GB

They are cheap and efficient kinda like Spirit but better quality, you have to pay for extras so I recommend taking snacks and one small carry-on if you want to avoid additional fees. Also you can book a round trip ticket days before and still get a cheap ticket. In my opinion this is the way to go!!!!!

While in Paris I stayed at a really cute Hostel called Artsy Paris …

Situated in the Brancion, a pretty area of Paris which has preserved the charm and the colour of traditional Paris, our low-cost hostel is located within reach of all the authentically Parisian activities: walking to the old book market, visiting the fish market or discovering George Brassens park where the famous French singer searched for and found his inspiration!

It was a cheap, nice and clean hostel and about 10 min walk to the closest metro (very important) I paid about 20 Euros a night in a 4 bed female room with a bathroom inside the room.  Nothing fancy but good for solo travel accommodation option. I’d  def stay there again!!!!!

Paris was definitely a dream!!!! 100% my favorite city!!!! Very beautiful and almost everyone spoke at least alittle English. I think because I was alone people were very helpful and nice.  I took the Fat Tire bike tour which was the best decision I made while I was there!!! I got to see so much of the “important” stuff and I felt like a real Parisian riding around on a bike!!! It costs about $80   but well worthy of every dollar. Check them out you won’t regret it!!!!! Best way to see the city!!!!💪❤🙌


I’ll follow this post with recommendations of things to do and a few of my fav places to eat!!!!!

Au revoir!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚


Things to do in Barcelona!!!!

Ok these are my top recommendations of MUST do things in Barcelona:

1. Hit the Beach- If you are a morning person I highly recommend hitting Barceloneta beach for an AM run along the beach and following it up by having cup of coffee and a croissant at one of many cafes along the beach!!!! You won’t regret it!!!! There you can relax by the beach, taking in the views of the ocean and the mountains while you sip coffee, people watch, and plan the rest of your day. If your not into that AM life, the beaches are great anytime but Barceloneta does get crowded but there are plenty of other beaches close by that are less “touristy” therefore less crowded.
Check out a list of the best beaches in Barcelon here:

2. La Rambla – this huge avenue is full of energy and excitement, full of street performers, great for siteseeing, people watching, shopping, and dining!!!! Highly recommend checking this Avenue out!!!!

3. Gothic Quarter- really cool place to hang out, beautiful old buildings and architecture, restaurants and museums.

4. Check out famous artist Gaudi’s most famous works of architecture art:
*Sagrada Familia – Guadi church landmark
*Casa Milá
*Casa Batido
*Park Guell
5. Park de la Cuitadella
6. Museum National d’ Art de Catalán
7. Magic Fountain- at night lights up set to music.

8. Tibidabo – amusement park and church on top of the highest mountain in Barcelona. *** must see!!!!!
9. La Boqueria market – lots of fresh fruit, veggies and moreeeeee.
10. Check out a Flamingo Show it will be well worth your money and you will feel like yougot a real Spain experience ☆☆☆
11. Don’t forget to drink lots of Sangrías♡ (they are delicious) and red wine♡, try patatas bravas♡,seafood paella♡and tapas.

Café on Barceloneta Beach
La Boqueria Market on La Rambla
Arc de Triomf in Barcelona next to Park de la Cuitadella



My passion for traveling solo started in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to take a leap of faith and travel without friends or family to a country I had only seen in pictures and heard about on TV. I just saw it as an adventure and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!!! So here is how I did it. I registered for a study abroad program in Spain called Don Quijote – here is the website- http://www.donquijote.org/en/spanish-courses/youth-programs. The set you up with course levels and accommodations for how ever many days or weeks you chose to take their classes. You can choose from a “hotel” like accommodation which is more expensive to the cheapest option which is a shared apartment with other students. I chose the cheaper option so that I could make friends and have a better experience. You get your own private room so that was all I really cared about. The program included tours of the city (mostly free) and social activities. It was perfect and I never felt alone even though I traveled there by myself I made friends in my class and with my roommates and we hung out together! We had class everyday for 4 hours in the morning then we had the rest of the day to do what we wanted. Barcelona was amazing!!! I had the time of my life. Its a very walkable city, so many things to see, great artwork everywhere, lovely beaches, beautiful parks, cheap food, breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean, gorgeous tree lined streets and avenues, very clean (and green), the subway system was easy to navigate and never very crowded!!!! I felt really safe- I could walk around at night without feeling unsafe at all!!! Most people spoke English especially at restaurants. Spanish people are very friendly and open to Americans which is KEY for me!!! It can totally make or break your experience!!!! I would highly recommend Barcelona for solo travel!!!! I’ll follow this post with recommendations of things to do while your in Barcelona and any other travel advice!!!


Sitting on top of Table Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa


ITs no secret that the bible verse” you reap what you sow” is 1000% true!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe me just try it out!! Be nice to everyone you come in contact with and you will see that niceness returned to you, smile and people will smile back, give love and you will receive it back…but lets go a bit further cause this is applicable in EVERY aspect of your life. Workout everyday and you will see results!!!! Be a blessing to yourself and others!!! So lets start this week with Positivity and HARDWORK and lets see our good harvest come in!!! Lets sow some good seeds and reap a good harvest!!!! AND AS ALWAYS STAY FOCUSED on your goals everyday. Make a point to do something everyday toward your goals. OKayyyyyy y LETS DO THIS!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!